“COOPER SQUARE” Here to stay ! (USA)

Another face of America and of American people : tolerance, open-mindedness into the other one, respect and multiculturalism.


Photograph. Cooper Square’s Community. 1960s

Here you’ll find the free and full work of Pr Tom Angotti. Hunter College of New York City & Valerio Orselli executive manager of Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association, CHAIRECOOP members, about the history of Cooper Square’s community, in the Lower East Side (NYC):

Here to stay !” Over five decades of struggle against displacement in the Lower East Side. New york City. (21 pages. 2016 November )

The black and white photographs are published with the cortesy of Joyce Ravitz & Cooper Square. New York City.


Photograph Cooper Square meeting. 1960 s

As Veblen could analyze it[1], Cooper Square is the history of a human melting pot consisted by several American communities, that succeeds in mastering the “predatory instinct” of the “economic man”[2],  and substitute it into the  “workmanship instinct”.


Photograph. Cooper Square Office.1960 s

To say it otherwise, Cooper Square fights since 1959 until nowadays, to make of accommodation a straight human right, instead of a simple commodity, submitted to the domination and the power of speculators.



Photograph Protest 2nd Avenue. 1960 s

Cooper Square community Land Trust administer the proof of strongness and efficiency of the social cooperatism model as alternative in a “desembeded [3]market becoming out of any human society control.

[1] Thorstein Veblen. «  The theorie of the leisure class ». The Macmillan Company. 1899.

[2]In french, « Ce sont nos sociétés occidentales qui ont très récemment, fait de l’homme un  animal économique (…) L’homo œconomicus n’est pas derrière nous. Il est devant nous. (…) Et il n’ y a pas bien longtemps qu’il est une machine, compliquée d’une machine à calculer ». Cf. Marcel Mauss. « Essai sur le don. Forme et raison de l’échange dans les sociétés archaïques”. P 271 & 272 . Année Sociologique.(1923-1924)

[3] Karl Polanyi. « The Great Transformation ». 1944

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Yann Maury for CHAIRECOOP. November 2016 the 9th.



Photographs of Frances Golden at hearing and surveying vacants. 1963-1964


Frances Golden surveying vacants. Cooper SQ-1963-1964

????????????????????????????????????????????? Photograph Protest 1965.


Other Photographs Yann Maury. New York City. June 2016.


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